2019 U.S. Kids Golf at Cabarrus

The U.S. Kids Golf at Cabarrus seeks to serve members of the family ages 6 - 12. Our programs will benefit players of every age based on proven models of learning, simple and repeatable swing development, use of goal-planning booklets, and most of all, making golf a family endeavor.

With twenty-five years of experience leading youth development in the game, working with top coaches and impacting many young players, our Academy philosophy believes:
  • Learning is best when it is experiential and in groups.
  • Goals should be discussed and tracked regularly.
  • Parents need to be engaged and play a vital role in their children's progress.
  • Play on the course is from tees that are scaled to fit one's ability.
  • Optimal performance happens when people are having fun!
The U.S. Kids Golf at Cabarrus provides each golfer with:
  • Gender and age specific programs.
  • Club fitting and full-game assessment.
  • A comprehensive learning curriculum.
  • Video analysis of your golf swing.
  • U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coaches.


Pricing Structure for Classes

Members                                                                                                          Non-Members
$20 - Experience a class                                                                                $25 - Experience a class
$110 - Booklet and 5 classes                                                                        $135 - Booklet and 5 classes


Fall Class Schedule


 Thursdays (5:30-6:30pm)

September 26th   /   October 3rd   /   October 10th   /   October 17th   /   October 24th

Saturdays (10:00-11:00am)

September 28th   /   October 5th   /   October 12th   /   October 19th   /   October 26th


Call the Golf Shop @ 704-786-8154 to sign up!