YOGA Frequently Asked Questions  

Common Questions:
Q. – Why Yoga?
A. – Yoga is one of, if not the number one, total body fitness program there is.  It is holistically  complete and offers key benefits for strength and toning, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness.  It is good for all ages and maps perfectly to helping you enjoy the primary club offerings of golf, tennis and swimming!
Q. – Why has Yoga become so popular in recent years?
A. – You’re correct on the significant growth in Yoga in the US. As a matter of fact, Yoga participation has nearly doubled in the past 5 years!  A key reason that Yoga is gaining such popularity is that professional athletes and teams are looking  to Yoga for athletic performance improvement as well as a means to focus better.  The reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors have the entire team practice Yoga regularly twice a week.  In addition, the NFL’s 13th overall pick for the Philadelpha Eagles, Hassen Reddick, an All American and Senior Bowl MVP linebacker, credits his “signature moves” to Yoga!  Also most recently, Hunter Greene was the  cover for Sports Illustrated magazine and being tauted as the next “Babe or Lebron” in the Sports world.  The article gives much of his success to a very disciplined Yoga and stretching program.
Q. – How will Yoga help my golf and tennis? 
A. – 80% of the power of both and golf and tennis swing comes from the Core!  Our yoga provider has built and delivered specific tailored Yoga flows for both golf and tennis.  Our yoga will be very functional and  purposeful yoga designed to greatly strengthen to Core.  As a matter of personal reference, the owner and lead instructor of our Yoga provider had 2 microdisectomies on his lower back (L5-S1) due to years of weithtlifting  and  triahlons.  After the 2nd surgery 7 years ago, Jeff’surgeon suggested maybe he try yoga 😊. There was no looking back.  Jeff now enjoys golf more than ever and has a driver swing speed of over 110 mph and enjoys hitting many drives over 300 yards!  He credits this to Yoga!
Q. –  When will  the Yoga classes be and how will  I know the schedule?  We will  start with  five classes per week.  Two weeknight, Two weekday morning and every Saturday morning classes.  The classes will be on the monthly events schedule.
Q. –  Who should do Yoga?
A. –  Yoga is for a lifetime and for all ages.  The Boomers really enjoy yoga because as we age, our tendions  and facia, if not properly stretched become like beef jerky!  Tight, rigid and sore.  Yoga poses and stretches  infuses oxygen and increases blood flow to not only our muscles,  but to these tendons and facia.  Millenials are growing up in a different fitness world than the Boomers and have been exposed to yoga just about everywhere from fitness clubs, yoga studios and even breweries!
Q. – So what is the youngest a person should be to do a Yoga class?
A. – Some mature middle schoolers are focused enough to do yoga, but typically high school age and up are best candidates.  With that said, many schools are now offering after school yoga classes primarily to help kids improve their focus and concentration and learn how to concentrate better.  CCC will be looking  for your feedback on offering additional Yoga classes, some specifically for kids.
Q. – What do I need to bring to a Yoga class?
A. – Our Yoga Partner provides everything you need – Yoga mats, blocks, etc.  If you have a mat  that you would like to bring,  please do so.  You may also want to bring a bottled water and towel.
Q. – What types of Yoga classes will be taught?
A. – CCC will initially offer 2 different Yoga classes.  “YogaFit” class is more traditional yoga class that will work through a variety of vinyasa (follow your breath) flows.  EVERYBODY, of ALL LEVELS should and can come to this class!  In Yoga, we don’t compare or compete with one another.  We all come with different experiences, body types, ages, abilities and interests.  We will also offer morning “Gentle Yoga” classes during the weekday mornings.  This is similar to “YogaFit” class but will be at a slower pace and will not have as many poses.   A great way to start your day and prepare for golf or tennis ahead.
Q. – Will there be additional Yoga Class types offered?
A. –  Yes,  that is the plan and where we need your feedback!  Classes such as “YogaLates” , “Yoga4Golf”, “Yoga4Tennis”, “Kid’s Yoga”, etc. etc. are some additional specific offerings we could add.  Again, this is YOUR club and we need your feedback as we begin to build  out our Fitness programs.
Q. – How often do I need to do Yoga?
A. – We recommend doing Yoga at a minimum of twice a week.  Three times a week is optimal.