Fall into Fitness

Based on popular demand and after such positive member feedback from the two Yoga classes the club held in July of 2017, we are pleased to announce and offer regularly scheduled Yoga classes beginning Monday, September 11, 2017.  We will offer five Yoga Classes per week – 2 evenings, 2 mornings and every Saturday morning!

Monday/Thursday Evenings (YogaFit): 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday/Friday Mornings (Gentle Yoga): 8:30am - 9:15am
Saturday Mornings (YogaFit): 9:30am - 10:30am

Gentle Yoga:  Gentle Yoga is a soothing and relaxing class that focuses on introductory yoga flows, guiding the body into different positions and controlled breathing for optimal relaxation and deeper stretches.  We also work on strengthening the core, improving balance, and improving overall flexibility.  We also focus on relaxing and clearing our minds and eliminating negative self-talk chatter and staying in the present moment.  The benefits of this class are numerous which we can take to our sports, relationships and overall life walk!

YogaFit:  The “Swiss Army Knife” of Yoga, this class is the foundation of all Yoga classes and focuses poses and vinyasas (following the breath) to develop and build the key areas and focus of Yoga:  Power, Flexibility, Balance and Mindfulness.  It is a full and robust Yoga workout for the entire body and mind begins with a 5-7-minute warm up phase, followed by 30-35-minute power up phase, and concludes with a soothing 10-minute final relaxation phase.  This class will provide a complete body workout and cover all of the core fundamental building block poses of Yoga.  Finally, this class is for all levels from the beginner to the advanced, and is a “must have” on the Yoga “to do” list.

Meet Jeff King, YogaFitness2U, LLC

About YogaFitness2U, LLC
President and Owner – Jeff King

After a very successful career in the technology sector, where Jeff held several executive level sales, marketing, and strategic planning roles, Jeff left to pursue his passion of fitness and helping others realize the benefits he had gained from his years in athletics and fitness endeavors.  In 2011, Jeff underwent not 1, but 2 micro discectomies after severely herniating a lower disk in his back from years of weight lifting and triathlons.  Also, being an avid single digit handicap golfer, Jeff thought he may never play golf again.  Radical and transformative change were in order.

Jeff begin training in a style of yoga called “YogaFit©”.  YogaFit is a form of yoga that was launched in 1997 by Beth Shaw primarily for gyms and fitness centers and designed for all levels and ages of yoga students from beginner to advanced.  YogaFit strips out all of the Sanskrit speak and chanting and uses common language, which makes it easy to follow and practice.  In addition, YogaFit incorporates several key power building moves such as lunges, squats, and pushups into the traditional vinyasa (follow the breath) yoga routines.
Yoga radically transformed Jeff’s body by greatly strengthening his Core, Flexibility, Balance and Mindfulness.  With the average American consuming 10.5 hours of media per day (computers, TV’s, video games, tablets, cell phones, social media, etc.) one of the most significant benefits of yoga is the quieting the mind through focused breathing and yoga poses.
After practicing YogaFit for 6 years, Jeff was teacher trained under the YogaFit system of yoga practitioners and teachers.  He launched his business, YogaFitness2U in January, 2017.  His go to market strategy is to bring yoga to his clients, not having them have to fit their busy lives into a gym or yoga studio and paying high monthly fees to get a good yoga workout.  Instead, Jeff brings everything to you: Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Music and most importantly; himself.  He looks to serve you, on your schedule, at your location, helping you radically transform your body and mind helping you more fully enjoy the things you love most in life.

Jeff was hired as the exclusive fitness provider of Performance Tennis Academy in January, by Mark Allen, President and Owner, whose tennis management services also include CCC.  Upon Mark’s request, Jeff built a tennis specific yoga curriculum for the tennis players at the SportsCenter in Concord.  Jeff designed a “YogaFitness4Tennis” curriculum and yoga flows that maps specific yoga poses and flows to tennis strokes.  In addition to greatly enhancing the tennis performance of Mark’s students, injury prevention poses and stretches were incorporated into the yoga classes.

Fast forward.  Due to Jeff’s yoga fitness, he not only plays golf, but plays at a high level and has a faster swing speed (110 mph) than he has ever had, driving the ball 300+ yards on many holes.  “I just want to share with others what yoga has done for me” Jeff stated.   It is truly life changing, not only on the golf course or tennis courts, but most importantly in maintaining a healthy happy lifestyle.

“I was fortunate in my corporate career to be a Difference Maker always seeking to serve my employees and my customers.  Now I can do the same thing in my yogafitness business, making it easy for people to not only change their bodies, but their life”.